The Mansion’s Costume Ball October 19, 7:00 pm

The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum will hold, “The Mansion’s Costume Ball,” on Oct. 19, 2024, 7 p.m., at the Shore and Country Club, 220 Gregory Blvd, Norwalk, CT.

The Museum will put its unique spin on a practice that Victorians were obsessed with, including Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, who hosted several costume balls during her long reign. Alva Vanderbilt’s costume party in 1883 was known to be the most extravagant of the Gilded Age. The Mansion’s ball will draw inspiration from these celebrated events to raise funds for its educational and cultural programs, while stars of the present and past and historical figures will mingle and revel at this unique and exciting event. Tickets for the event are $300 and ticket sales will open soon.

Charles T. Mathews, dressed for a costume ball, c.1890s

The Mansion’s Costume Ball is co-chaired by LMMM Trustees Lynne Byington and Lawrence Cafero, Jr. and will feature special presentations, music, live and silent auctions, and dinner at one of the most beautiful clubs on the Gold Coast with stunning views of the waterfront.

The Museum’s 2024 Costume Ball will be generously sponsored in part by LMMM’s Founding Patrons: The Estate of Mrs. Cynthia Clark Brown; LMMM’s Leadership Patrons: The Sealark Foundation; LMMM’s 2024 Season Distinguished Benefactors: The City of Norwalk, The Maurice Goodman Foundation, and Lockwood-Mathews Foundation Inc. For more information on the Ball, please visit