Ghosts from the Civil War Halloween Tours October 19, 5:20 pm - October 28, 9:20 pm

The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum’s Halloween tours will be held October 19-21, 2018, and October 26-28, 2018 at the Mansion, 295 West Avenue, Norwalk, CT.

Featuring a troupe of living history volunteers led by Halloween co-chairs Midge Lopat and Rose Carroll, the Ghosts from the Civil War tours will focus on the history and legends that surround the Civil War. Listen to the tales of sightings of the specter who haunted the battlefields of Gettysburg and Chancellorsville, and the words of Lincoln who predicted his own demise. Ghosts will wander throughout the first and second floors of the Mansion, but only during these very special and spooky Halloween tours. Tour guides will do their best to protect you from the spirits who haunt the Mansion. 

Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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Tickets will not be available at the door.