A door off the Grand Staircase leads to the Servants’ Quarters on the two mezzanine floors above the original kitchen and pantries. A double hallway on the second floor of the Rotunda enabled servants to go about their daily tasks and duties unseen by their employers and guests.

The Servants’ Quarters includes bedrooms, a nursery, a children’s theater, and an attic above.

When they were built, the Lockwoods lavishly furnished their Servants’ Quarters. The rooms, according to The Sun (New York) in 1869, were comparable to those found in a five star hotel. These rooms even featured luxurious bathrooms with indoor plumbing. The Mathews family were more conservative in decorating their Servants’ Quarters, but were still observant of common practices of their peers and contemporaries. The chambers were primarily occupied by the female servants with the male servants living in outbuildings such as the top level of the Carriage House and other buildings throughout the estate.