Although the opening of the new exhibition, Health, Healing & Addiction in 19th Century America is temporarily postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19, we would like to share with you a special online preview. Click here to view the introduction preview.

This online preview, which can be viewed on your computer as well as your smart phone or tablet, is a riveting introduction capturing the main themes of the exhibit, which are illustrated with eye-catching artifacts and rare documents. Selected slides will include additional information on the Lockwood and Mathews families, narrated by LMMM Docent Midge Lopat.

Generously sponsored in part by CT Humanities, and featuring rare, never-before-seen artifacts from a major private collection as well as public institutions, this new exhibition will explore how families managed their health in the 19th century. It will investigate what history can teach us about the Germ Theory, technology, Civil War and its medical legacy, and the extraordinary breakthroughs that rocked the establishment leading to the birth of modern medicine. The exhibition will also bring to light unconventional treatments and the darker side of medicine such as addiction through the access of popular over-the-counter “remedies” promising pain relief and improved health. 

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