Caroline Bergonzi, New York, NY, “Feminist fatale,” 30” x 30,” oil commission

About Women

in collaboration with Silvermine Arts Center

July 29, 2020 – January 3, 2021

curated by Silvermine Gallery Director Roger Mudre

The exhibition, About Women, in collaboration with Silvermine Arts Center, reopened the Mansion Museum’s physical galleries and celebrated women’s artistic contributions as they find their voices and making an impact throughout the professional world.

LMMM Trustee Gail Ingis, co-chair for the contemporary art exhibits at the Mansion said, “Silvermine Arts Center promotes collaboration with artistic colleagues as well as the community. I feel fortunate to have been involved with Silvermine for the past fifteen years.”

The exhibition featured selected works by female members of the Silvermine Guild of Artists and provide an overview that will celebrate their diverse directions in subject matter and media and their contributions to contemporary art. A former Silvermine trustee and Board Chair, Mr. Mudre is responsible for Silvermine’s Gallery exhibitions, installations and related programming. He is a Lifetime Silvermine Guild member and practicing artist with works in numerous private and corporate collections.

Exhibiting artists included: Christine Aaron, Pam Ackley, Rita Baunok, Caroline Bergonzi, Nancy Breakstone, Janine Brown, Karen Brussat Butler, Nina Buxenbaum, Sharon B. Cavagnolo, Ann Chernow, Marilyn Clements, Marcia Cooper, Marina Daneva, Carol Nipomnich Dixon, Katharine Draper, Camille Eskell, Francine Even, Christy Gallagher, April Hammock, Charlotte Hedlund, Fran Henry-Meehan, Elizabeth Higgins, Ann Hodgdon-Cyr, Nash Hyon, Martha Ives, Elizabeth Killgore, Lucy Krupenye, Nancy Lasar, Janice Mauro, Julie O’Connor, Lee Paine, Laurie Peek, Barbara Ringer, Suzanna Schlemm, Susan Sharp, Marlene Siff, Nomi Silverman, Susan Sommer, Judith Steinberg, Susan Stillman, Joan Wheeler, and Torrance York.

These artists are members of the notable Silvermine Guild of Artists, where renowned artists, Elaine de Kooning, Alice Neel, Louise Nevelson, Faith Ringgold and others socialized, exchanged ideas, and critiqued each other’s works for nearly a century.

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