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The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum is an invaluable fragment of America’s artistic legacy, an iconic building and a treasured organization committed to education and the arts. This is a place where thousands of students are empowered and nurtured by the outstanding programs offered at this National Historic Landmark, a home where we bring diverse populations together to explore the past and envision a better future.

With your help, the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum can continue to educate and inspire youth and adults in our communities, as well as celebrate some of the Museum’s most recent milestones.

This year, the Mansion was nominated for a National Medal for Museum Service conferred by the prestigious Institute of Museum and Library Services in Washington, D.C., and just this past year, the Museum won a national award for the exhibition, The Stairs Below: The Mansion’s Domestic Servants, 1868-1938 which focused on the immigrant experience, highlighting the rich history of this landmark while contextualizing the universal. But these accomplishments can continue only with your generous support!

Keeping the doors open at the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum is a difficult endeavor, given that the building dates back to the Civil War era and economic challenges and rising costs continue to imperil its survival.

Please send your gift today! With your support we will continue our educational mission and remain open for our communities, while protecting and preserving this irreplaceable landmark.

We thank you in advance for your commitment to making a difference in our communities.

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The Museum will continue to offer award-winning exhibitions, lectures featuring renowned authors and speakers, and special events where you will be surrounded by the timeless splendor of an iconic mansion.

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